NLP, NLU & NMT Applications for Healthcare

Natural Language Processing - NLP, Natural Language Understanding - NLU & Neural Machine Translation - NMT

HubBucket Voice ("HubVoice") is a Research and Development - R&D department of HubBucket, Inc. ("HubBucket"). HubBucket is a Science and Technology Research and Development - R&D corporation, that focuses on the design and development of Artificial Intelligence - AI and Robotics technology for Healthcare, Medical Technology - MedTech, Medical Research Technology, Health Information Technology - HealthIT / HIT, and Renewable Energy.

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Welcome to HubBucket Voice ("HubVoice")

HubVoice is a research and development - R&D department of HubBucket, Inc. ("HubBucket") that focuses on the design and development of:

  • Natural Language Processing - NLP
  • Natural Language Understanding - NLU
  • Neural Machine Translation - NMT

applications and systems for:

  • Healthcare
  • Medical Technology - MedTech
  • Health Information Technology - HealthIT / HIT

The HubVoice team builds on such technology as, Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexis, Google Home, and many others.


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